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Lia’s Magic Dragon Content Download

Download Lia’s Magic Dragon Content

Create an Interactive Talking Story Book for Your Child!

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Sales of eBooks with Enhanced Interactive capabilities have taken off. Firms like Apple are producing and selling interactive talking story books for children. Parents can create their own interactive talking story books, beginning with a downloaded  manuscript or a customized manuscritpt they have updated or enhanced .

Using the manuscript of choice or an updated and improved manuscript, parents can record a customized audio recording version of the story. The basic plain vanilla audio voice over redording is included for download or recording. Future posts will give guidelines. Turn the website version of the voice over audio recording on and record a customized version on a  Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpen or Amazon’s Audible.

There are many enhancements you can consider for your audio version; future posts will address possibilities. Some of the basics might be:

  1. Modify speed; if your child is young a slower speed might be desirable, if older, a faster speed
  2. Pause to add comments, vocabulary, fun sounds to excite a child

This website has been designed to encourage and facilitate download of website content. For now we have two types of manuscript content you might want to download:

  1. A short and long version of the manuscript  of the story in English
  2. A short and long version of the manuscript of the story in Spanish

Have fun!