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Create Interactive Talking Story Book Versions

Create Interactive Talking Storybooks with Multiple Versions

Create Your Interactive Talking Storybook Library using an audio recorder to create multiple versions

July 30 of this year, Digital Smartpen.com published an Interactive  Talking Story Book “How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? Lia’s Magic Dragon.“

Create interactive talking storybooks to engage your child and inspire a love of reading! What is the most important interactive element, one that can be created quickly with an audio recorder?

For me, the most important interactive eBook elements that you can create are the multiple versions of your favorite Interactive Talking Story Books. If a parent reads haltingly have a neighbor, a tutor or librarian, or teacher read the book, creating an audio recording.

If a parent speaks English as a second language, produce English and Spanish versions of the story for parent and child. Have one version for a five year old who is learning to read sounding letters and one version for seven-year old child who is an early reader.

Lia’s Magic Dragon.com has recorded two short manuscript versions of How do you Make a Dragon Laugh? in English and Spanish and another two long versions in Spanish and English. Download there free versions to create a library of interactive talking story books for your young child to use at home. The technology is available now to help parents choose an audio book to engage their children and inspire a love of reading.