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Early Literacy-Incite a Love of Reading in Preschool Children

Early Literacy-Incite a Love of Reading in Preschool Children  

Introduce reading early, read your preschool child’s favorite books and watch your child’s love of reading grow. Incite a love of reading in your preschool children and share their excitement.My husband and I were voracious readers, eager to share our love of reading with our three sons as early as possible. We began reading books to my oldest son while cuddling when he was six to eight months old. We chose his favorite books as a toddler  such as Lift-the-Flap and Touch and Feel books. As a preschooler he loved adventure stories and action books with more words and lots of pictures with extra detail. His attention span was long, he listened carefully and could guess what would happen in the end.  He was excited by books and loved reading and being read to.

Six Exciting and fun ways you can engage your child in reading while instilling a love of reading

Make sure your children’s reading activities are fun! Read your child’s favorite books, and encourage reading activities that are fun for your children. My grandchildren love High Five by Highlights Magazine. Sit with your child while reading, laugh a lot and praise often.

Share your love of reading and excitement and the family members feelings about books.

Encourage story telling. Encourage your children to retell a favorite story in their own words; it will probably be hilarious.  Encourage your child to retell stories he or she wrote or simple books.. A younger child will look up to an older child that reads to him.

Choose books that will build your Child’s self confidence, creativity and imagination. My sons loved action stories and fantasy adventure books about dinosaurs and dragons. We discussed elements of the story such as the plot, the beginning, middle and end, and the feelings of main characters. These discussions became the basis for their illustrations  and books which featured magical creatures. We helped our preschoolers find the right words for their illustrations in stories, sometimes drawing a sketch for a desired effect. We posted the kids’ pictures on the fridge and praised the children frequently.

Encourage a preschool child to illustrate their writing. Our dining room table was art center for our sons and neighborhood friends. Each child had a large box of pens and colored pencils. The children sat for hours drawing pictures with captions and story books. I often heard shrieks of laughter and compliments.

Last weekend. I found a book my eldest son created at age five, “The Peep Peep Book”, a  story of a mother bird who lay three eggs in a nest She sat on the nest till the eggs cracked, and the birds emerged crying “Peep, Peep!” The illustrated story with captions under pictures ended with the birds leaving the nest.

Try to read to each child a special book daily. Read at night while cuddling the child. This is a time for bonding; convey the love you feel for the child and your feeling of your child’s uniqueness. Create interactive talking story books to read to your child when an adult is unavailable. Adding an audio book to an enhanced eBook will help a preschool child build listening skills and engage your child in reading activities on trips and at restaurants.

My grandchildren’s love of adventure stories particularly those featuring dinosaurs and dragons, inspired me to create a story based on my granddaughter favorites. She is learning to read and loves being read to, particularly books about space aliens, dragons and dinosaurs. This website celebrates the publishing of the book, How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? Lia’s Magic Dragon  which has 19 awesome full page color illustrations, featuring marvelous animals and magical creatures that might have been featured in the books my sons read as children and later in their illustrations and books.

Reading the adventures of fictional Lia on her magical journey into outer space has helped my granddaughter’s parents incite a love of reading and writing in their preschool daughter Lia.

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Lia’s Magic Dragon Content Download

Download Lia’s Magic Dragon Content

Create an Interactive Talking Story Book for Your Child!

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Sales of eBooks with Enhanced Interactive capabilities have taken off. Firms like Apple are producing and selling interactive talking story books for children. Parents can create their own interactive talking story books, beginning with a downloaded  manuscript or a customized manuscritpt they have updated or enhanced .

Using the manuscript of choice or an updated and improved manuscript, parents can record a customized audio recording version of the story. The basic plain vanilla audio voice over redording is included for download or recording. Future posts will give guidelines. Turn the website version of the voice over audio recording on and record a customized version on a  Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpen or Amazon’s Audible.

There are many enhancements you can consider for your audio version; future posts will address possibilities. Some of the basics might be:

  1. Modify speed; if your child is young a slower speed might be desirable, if older, a faster speed
  2. Pause to add comments, vocabulary, fun sounds to excite a child

This website has been designed to encourage and facilitate download of website content. For now we have two types of manuscript content you might want to download:

  1. A short and long version of the manuscript  of the story in English
  2. A short and long version of the manuscript of the story in Spanish

Have fun!

Create Interactive Talking Story Book Versions

Create Interactive Talking Storybooks with Multiple Versions

Create Your Interactive Talking Storybook Library using an audio recorder to create multiple versions

July 30 of this year, Digital published an Interactive  Talking Story Book “How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? Lia’s Magic Dragon.“

Create interactive talking storybooks to engage your child and inspire a love of reading! What is the most important interactive element, one that can be created quickly with an audio recorder?

For me, the most important interactive eBook elements that you can create are the multiple versions of your favorite Interactive Talking Story Books. If a parent reads haltingly have a neighbor, a tutor or librarian, or teacher read the book, creating an audio recording.

If a parent speaks English as a second language, produce English and Spanish versions of the story for parent and child. Have one version for a five year old who is learning to read sounding letters and one version for seven-year old child who is an early reader.

Lia’s Magic has recorded two short manuscript versions of How do you Make a Dragon Laugh? in English and Spanish and another two long versions in Spanish and English. Download there free versions to create a library of interactive talking story books for your young child to use at home. The technology is available now to help parents choose an audio book to engage their children and inspire a love of reading.