Audio recording:  One of the best interactive elements for an Interactive Talking Story is an audio recording that “creates a story that reads to a child so a child to listen to the story while the child “reads” the picture book.

Since  How do You Make a Dragon Laugh has 19 full page color illustrations, the child can be fully engaged in looking at the illustrations while listening to an exciting story.

CLICK the following link to a page on website, to dragon-2.mp3 on the post about the Interactive Talking Storybook Lia’s Magic Dragon to hear an English audio recording of the How do You Make a Dragon Laugh?  CLICK


What is the tie-in to Digital Smartpens? Using a Digital Smartpen such as the 4GB-WiFi Smartpen pen you can copy this audio and customize your audio excerpt. For example if your child is hearing impaired you can turn volume up, having trouble reading, reduce the speed, eager to hear animal noises use Livescribe Sound Stickers for recording audio sound effects. To add text of definitions to the audio, pause the audio, record, and play.

Listen to this recording done in a studio by a professional audio engineer–listen to the sound effects of the cage door being opened or Perry and  his friends frolicking in the end of the book. Add noises of the spacecraft or spaceship crashing!