Lia 24-4x4


author (1) Lia’s Magic Dragon is about an adventurous, imaginative girl named Lia who is invited by space aliens to visit a fantastical zoo in the faraway planet Eleuthera to help a melancholy Dragon laugh. When she arrives at the faraway zoo , Lia is dismayed to find an unhappy Perry the Dragon huddled in a tiiny cage because he acted out a bit. Lia has great empathy and tries to treat others as she would like to be treated. At the Eleuthera Zoo large animals run free and frolic by the sea. Lia is determined to help Perry the Dragon run with them, and be happy, safe and free.
Join Lia on a magical journey to Planet Eleuthera to see if she can make Perry the Dragon Laugh!
About the AUTHOR
author (1) Susan Coursey is a Children’s Book Author and editor of the websites LiasMagicDragon.com and DigitalSmartpen.com.She published an adventure book for children ages 4 to 8, How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? July 30, 2013 and a Bilingual Version of How do You Make a Dragon Laugh in English and Spanish. This website publishes a FREE Audio Recording of Lia’s Magic Dragon and FREE Downloadable Manuscripts in English and Spanish.
About the Illustrator
author (1)B  Bruno Lubrano Di Giunno has delighted parents and children with his illustrations for more than twenty years. A free lance illustrator born in Bologna, Italy, he is best known for creating illustrations for educational books, children’s books and comic books. He has worked in many other fields including including book cover design and character design.